Smart Contracts and dApp Development

Blockchain's takeover on traditional tech has mandated a new-age platform for business contracts.

The global smart contracts market size is estimated to amount to USD 345.4 million by 2026.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts have become a necessity for blockchain-based enterprises. These smart contracts have a self-executing nature that helps automate processes, agreements, and transactions and further helps reduce costs in long-term usage. On the contrary, paper or physical contracts are error-prone and consume comparatively more time. The multiple steps in a material contract, including preparing the contract and getting it signed by both parties, take a lot of enterprise resources and time. Smart Contracts are digital contracts backed with automation that facilitates a secure and self-executing nature. It eliminates problems like lengthy paperwork, huge costs, and the requirement for third parties to intervene as mediators or witnesses for the agreement. MBS is the leading digital contracts development company that offers the best digital solutions for your organization. Furthermore, the smart contracts can execute all the conditions stated and revoke themselves if things go south between the parties.

Does the continuous evolution in technology scare you?

We have got your back with experts-led teams of industry professionals who can help you with new-age digital blockchain technology. We can help you develop digitalized contracts, ready to customize for any industry and capable of saving vast resources for your enterprise.

Organizations using smart contracts will increase the overall data quality by 50%, according to a report by Gartner.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contracts For Real Estate

Real estate is a business with high trust requirements, and what would be a better contract than a digital smart contract developing immense trust between two parties with strict and thorough clearance of conditions between the parties. MBS offer smart contracts for real estate businesses and enterprises.

Customized Smart Contracts

Blockchain Technology is in the initial phase of development and the newborn stage. The need to customize smart contracts will gradually increase as the world discovers new possibilities in blockchain technology. We provide customized smart contracts for enterprises on blockchain technology.

Smart Contracts For Dapps And DEFI

Dapps and DEFI require smart contracts for the ideal performance of the application. We offer the development of best-in-class smart contracts for businesses and enterprises running on blockchain technology.

Smart Contracts For Digital Wallet

The elevation in the use of Fintech Solutions implies a necessity for the benefit of digital wallets. The development needs to be top-notch to eliminate any chances of errors.

Smart Contract On Ethereum

We provide the development of ERC-20 and ERC-721. MBS offer smart contracts developed on Ethereum for extensive use in the industries like healthcare, automotive, and finance.

Smart Contracts Optimization

Smart Contracts require optimization to work proficiently in a centralized and decentralized network. Optimizing your smart contracts adds exponential benefits to your performance.

Advantages Of Smart Contract Development Services

Better Speed, Efficiency, And Accuracy

The smart contracts are executed swiftly once the conditions are satisfied, and requirements are met. Since these smart contracts are automated, there's no extra paperwork left to complete. It benefits enterprises by reducing buffer time spent reconciling documents' human errors and processing time.

Enhanced Transparency And Trust

The concept of smart contracts is built on the trust and transparency that is much required in the case of traditional material contracts. Smart Contracts eliminate all the third parties involved as intermediaries or witnesses for the physical contracts. The ledger system also notices every action taken for personal benefit and can terminate the contract post failure in any condition between two parties.

Better Security

Blockchain technology-based smart contracts offer best-in-class security with a mandatory layer of encryption over every transaction. Furthermore, as every single record is linked to the subsequent and previous records in the distributed ledger system, it would be impossible to tamper with any history without changing the whole blockchain.

Savings At Every Step

Smart Contracts eliminate every need for any third party or intermediaries that eventually lands up enormous savings for your enterprise. It reduced the cost of preparation of physical paperwork, processing fees, and the expenses of intermediaries.

Smart Contract Development on Various Blockchain Platforms

Whether it's TRON or Hyperledger, our multidisciplinary team is capable of developing and deploying smart contracts on renowned Blockchain networks.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

We create a harmonious trifecta of technical proess, intelligent strategies and design-thinking-driven process to deliver Ethereum smart contract development solutions.

TRON Smart Contract Development

We provide TRON smart contract development services to help our clients create efficient & scalable decentralized solutions.

Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

Our experienced developers work dedicatedly to provide enterprises with secure Hyperledger smart contract development services as per their requirements.

Binance Smart Contract Development

We deliver BSC smart contracts with a primary degree of precision and highly automated asset management for the optimal use of participants seeking Binance smart contract development services.

EOS Smart Contract Development

We create smart contracts on EOS to support new-age dApps development that can perform the intended function as per the users' requirements.

Polkadot Smart Contract Development

We design powerful smart contracts on Polkadot Blockchain by leveraging the interoperability capabilities of the platform.

Develop smart contracts on your favourite Blockchain platform today

Our Smart Contract Development Process

MBS is a leading smart contracts development company offering extensive smart contracts development for a diverse business and enterprise range. We have industry experts guiding experienced professionals to deliver the end product that fulfills the requirements best.


Choose your blockchain technology.

The first step in your metaverse game development journey is choosing the technology you want to be the base of your metaverse game. We offer the best-in-class Ethereum blockchain platform for your metaverse game development.

Time to prepare storyboard and game environment

The second step towards the development is to prepare a storyboard and the roles of different characters in your game. Once you are done with defining the storyboard and characters, developers start preparing the animations and game environment for your metaverse game development. 02


Visuals development

Visuals are the technical core of a metaverse game development process. We have experts who design detailed and breathtaking visuals for your metaverse game development.

Adding levels and sounds

This step involves creating and adding sounds for your different characters and casts. In this step, we add voices and other sounds for the game to ensure the storyboard of the gameplay is directed in the right direction. 04



This step is the most important as we rigorously test your game once we are done with all the pre-requisites to ensure bug-free gameplay for a smooth user experience.


Let's get started! Once we are done testing your metaverse game, the team moves on to deploy the game for global use. 06

Why Do Smart Contracts Have Become A Need For The Hour?

A contract is one of the most integral parts of an enterprise, and primarily if the enterprise is based on blockchain technology, a smart contract is the need of the hour. It won't be wrong to state that a smart contract is an operational backbone in the entire automation process of a blockchain-based enterprise. MBS offers your business the most rigorously coded blockchain-based smart contract conditions. Our best-in-class smart contract development services ensure your adherence to the perfect business automation.

Custom Design

Smart Contracts for every business with personalization and customization adaptable for any industry

Accurate Audit

Accurate smart contract auditing to ensure zero breaching and best-in-class reliability

Smart Contract Optimization

Optimized smart contracts to reduce ethereum consumption

Architectural Workflow Development

A streamlined workflow for a seamless experience

Smart contracts are the entire chain of a blockchain network. These smart contracts are digital forms of rules and conditions that facilitate the architecture of a blockchain transaction. These contracts check for the situation and regulations of a contract to check successful requirements compliance; if fails, then execution of digital contracts is terminated.
Smart contract development companies develop Smart Contracts. You can quickly get one for your business by contacting several blockchain development companies based on your requirements.
Ethereum is the best blockchain development platform for the development of smart contracts.
Smart Contracts function as programmable codes dependent on the rules and conditions coded for the applications. These contracts check for the fulfillment of the requirements and execute successfully; If the transaction of regulations and conditions is completed, revoke the agreement if not.

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