Virtual Tourist is a VR gaming platform for learning, socializing, and earning with the Virtual Tourism concept.

VT's virtual reality social platform allows users to interact with each other and locations.

Alpha Release: Soon

The first location to travel: Hagia Sophia

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The tourism industry had hard times survival during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the UN tourist report; tourist arrivals globally in January 2021 were down 87% when compared to January 2020 because of travel restrictions, quarantines, and closures of transportation.

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Travel will prevail over post-pandemic anxiety, making it incumbent on the aviation and tourism industry to build safer infrastructure. The tourism sector can take advantage of the new technology; The Metaverse.

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TMetaverse is digital worlds using advantages of technologies VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augmented Reality) AI (Artificial Intelligent) and blockchain. People will be able to socialize, play, learn, shop and travel with close future in the endless posibilities in this virtual universes.


Virtual Tourist connects the metaverse world with the tourism industry; It is a project that allows people to discover different destinations from their own homes and socialize in a fun way. The concept of metaverse will affect our lives in almost every field in the coming period. One of the biggest impact areas of this will be the tourism sector. With the effect of the pandemic, the perception of tourism will change radically in the coming period and will gain a completely different dimension with the digitalized world. Imagine that you are chatting with your loved ones on the top of the Eiffel tower from where you are sitting; With the ambient sound and the ambiance of the place... Imagine having your business meeting next to the Egyptian pyramids... Virtual Tourist makes all these more accessible for you. Take your place in the world of the future now...


Yes, 3D commerce is by far the most recent and updated technology that has the potential to transform any business into a digital 3D marketplace based on Metaverse.
Statistically reported in the United States, 3D commerce had sky-rocketed sales of e-commerce by 14.2% in 2021, and the growth is projected to reach 22% by the end of 2024.

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