The emergence of
Virtual Meetings Plateform on the Metaverse

The pandemic has introduced a new way of meetings to global enterprises. At the start of the pandemic, businesses were shut globally, and the situation started worsening as the pandemic lingered. People realized that closing the shops was not sustainable for companies, and they had to find an alternate way to sustain the market. One of the ways was carrying businesses virtually with remote working tools, which boosted the popularity of Virtual meeting platforms like Google meet and Zoom. Virtual meetings are currently hosted on 2D imaging platforms where interaction is dull, and the experience lacks characters' immersion. Users can feel the difference between a face to face interaction and virtual meetings.

At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, Metaverse was brought to the spotlight by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He dramatically announced rebranding the popular global social media platform Facebook to Meta. This change was the first step for the world to realize the transformation that was about to come in virtual reality. Meta later announced that they are developing their metaverse. Later on, in a personal blog, Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, announced that the tech giant is collaborating with Meta for the development of Metaverse as a platform capable of offering different virtual reality services in every corner of the world.

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse is a 3D rendering in a virtual space created by blockchain technology to serve as a distinct virtual space. It focuses on developing a separate virtual world for users based on their imagination for a specific thing. For instance, suppose a user wishes for a metaverse that contains their favorite celebrity to host an event. Metaverse has the potential to create an avatar of the user's favorite celebrity and allow it to host an event in the user's metaverse.

Another good example can be virtual events taking place in a metaverse. Metaverse creates 3D avatars representing users in the metaverse as a character in a virtual space. The service combines different techniques, including virtual and augmented reality, allowing any user to exist in parallel virtual space and perform any activity like gaming, watching a movie, attending concerts, visiting places, attending any virtual event, etc.

Popular Philanthropist and former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates states that Metaverse Based virtual meetings will transform the global virtual meeting experience in two to three years. Leaders like Meta (formerly Facebook) are developing the metaverse rigorously. The world is expecting a transformation in the virtual meeting space by 2025.

What would a Virtual Meeting on Metaverse look like?

Metaverse offers a realistic virtual environment that features everything from a flower vase to a table and a chair in a room.

Remember when you traveled to certain places to listen to specific people or visit something or someone?

Well, that was not too far ago. Still, the pandemic leveraged technology and brought all those meetings, conferences, or events to the smartphone with the help of specific applications like Google meet and Zoom.

But were these digital platforms able to offer the realistic experience that in-person conferences delivered?

Well, the answer is no, and this is not something that we are cooking up ourselves. Several organizations statistically reported that people are unsatisfied with digital platforms, and Metaverse has become the need of the hour. Metaverse offers a virtual space that can present a realistic experience with the better engagement of users. The end-user experience with virtual events on metaverse won't be tedious; the user can look around in the virtual environment that features landscapes like a waterfall, rivers flowing, sunrise or sunsets, and many more.

Benefits of Virtual Meetings on the Metaverse

Metaverse offers a more immersive experience than other digital platforms. Unlike the traditional platforms, the metaverse is not limited to just 2D image processing. The new-age techno is based on blockchain technology, allowing it to render 3D images in a 3D environment. This environment is capable of handling specific add-ons. Some of the critical benefits of Metaverse in virtual meetings and events are given below

Better Immersion and Excitement

Metaverse for virtual meetings brings better immersion and excitement to the table. The 3D virtual space brings better immersion to the user and engages them with utmost excitement. The users can interact better with virtual avatars in place and interaction at best.

Boundaryless Reusability

The platform is developed at once and is then available for repeated use without harming the platform and its security. The platform can also be used as an asset to be leased to other organizations and enterprises that cannot afford to develop their metaverse. Unlike the traditional digital meeting software's, metaverse does not possess any boundaries. You can add as many users as you want to the platform without giving any hard time.

Futuristic Technology Advancement Possibilities

The metaverse is a product based and developed on the popular blockchain technology. It is the most advanced and secure technology to date and is still nascent. There is a ton of scope for future developments, which will evolve into a better version with never-ending possibilities.

Better Customization

Metaverse is a new product to the global market where most business leaders are still developing. As expressed by several business leaders, metaverse for virtual meetings is a very customization-prone platform with vast opportunities for customization according to different use cases. Users can also tweak the venue and transform it into something completely different, as before customization.

Different Types of Events in Metaverse

Metaverse can be the perfect platform for a handful of events. A few of the many events that can be organized on the metaverse platform are as follows:

Product Launches

Metaverse can be the platform for organizations and enterprises to launch their new offerings to a global audience. Users can join in a metaverse, and organizations can showcase their products seamlessly in a 3D virtual environment.

Live Concerts

Live shows and concerts are tedious steps involving crowd management, event management, and several other services. With the immersive experience of Metaverse, live concerts can be more fun and easy to manage.

Art Galleries

It is one of the most prominent implementations and applications of the 3D virtual metaverse. Hosting virtual art galleries has become easy, and Metaverse can offer you a decentralized NFT Marketplace where you can enlist your NFTs for art and trade them hassle-free.

Fashion Shows and Comedy Shows

Virtual space has the potential to help you organize virtual fashion and comedy shows where the audience has the freedom of enjoying the event lying in a bed with utmost coziness

Sales kickoffs and Networking Events

We offer the development of a virtual 3D space that allows you to host sales events where products can be rendered in the virtual space. It eliminated the boundaries and restrictions of a physical event like location, unavailability, and several others.

Conferences and Interaction events

Businesses organize conferences and interactive events for the cross-organization channeling of important information. We provide an end-to-end development for virtual 3D spaces where enterprises can seamlessly organize interaction events and conferences.

Why Partner with MBS for your Metaverse Development Services?

MBS is the leading Metaverse development company that ensures a rigorous development of Metaverse platforms on Blockchain technology. We are a team of experienced professionals who develop under the guidance of industry experts to ensure quality-controlled product development. Partner with us to build your metaverse today and start organizing high-engagement interactive workshops or events with an immersive new-age user experience.


Metaverse will be the next big thing in the industry as it features a fantastic experience with immersive engagement for the users. The platform is still in the development stage, and the final product is yet to be developed and is expected to be outstanding.
Yes. Metaverse has the potential to outshine traditional digital platforms as it features 3D modeling and avatars that offers a better and more immersive experience.
Meta is developing its metaverse. However, the metaverse is a generalized term used to denote a virtual environment consisting of virtual 3D avatars.
Metaverse can offer a virtual 3D space to organize different types of events with people participating in the form of their 3-D avatars.

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