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3D Commerce Services Requirement for E-commerce

Did you know that the average product image requirement for a successful conversion in e-commerce has grown to 8 from 3 in the last few years?

Visual contact is a vital factor in e-commerce. Businesses are familiar with this factor, so 99% of e-commerce stores upload high-quality images to arrest customers' attention significantly. One crucial gimmick for a company to convert a potential lead into a customer is to satisfy the customer's senses. Since no sense is getting satisfied in e-commerce, visual attention becomes extremely important. Statistically reported, 67% of customers who regularly shop through different e-commerce sites say that good visuals are more important than product reviews or descriptions.

These demands of consumers make 3D services a necessity for the e-commerce marketplace. It allows them to showcase their product and services in 3D space, facilitating multiple angle views and different color or size variation demonstrations.


3D commerce is the most promising future of e-commerce soon. Different brands are moving into metaverse to develop a virtual marketplace that replaces e-commerce with a 3D replica based and developed with the same notion. 3D commerce can offer a seamless purchasing experience and promotes an all-around phygital experience to the user.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a high demonstration-based business where builders usually start promoting their properties to register sales in the early development period. They generally promote the property by showcasing a 3D-looking property model to demonstrate the looks and generate an image in the customer's mind. 3D commerce powered by Metaverse uplifts this experience by allowing customers to feel the property design and look through a building developed in Metaverse. We provide end-to-end development of metaverse based on blockchain that can transform your business with its immersive new-age experience.


MBS provides end-to-end metaverse development for hospitality businesses. We develop a 3D rendering of your hotels, villas, studios, or any closed or open space (limiting the boundaries). This 3D model can be utilized to land an idea of your services and ambiance in the customer's mindset and ease the conversion process.


When it comes to the wearables industry, the fit and finish of an item are one of the most concerned vertices of a purchase. Metaverse-powered 3D commerce commences the business of delivering a glimpse of that wearable to the customer in the metaverse. However, this whole business will be done by a virtual avatar, the idea of product suitability will be delivered with utmost sincerity.

3D Commerce: The new age shopping experience

The recent alterations in the customer's shopping perspective have transformed the business promotion and sales method. Consumers of almost every sector, from FMCG to real estate, have experienced a physical and digital marketplace. The demand has undoubtedly evolved into a blend of physical and digital experiences. They need the satisfaction of physically analyzing the product to be sure of the quality and other concerns and, at the same time, the comfort of digitally shopping from home.

But how is it possible that a brand successfully delivers the required services in the most demanded manner?

Well, that's the part where MBS kicks in with our 3D Commerce services that come at an affordable price.

MBS is the best-in-class 3D Commerce services provider that enables businesses to sustain the technological evolution and grow simultaneously.

Let's explore our 3D Commerce services and how we can help you set yourself apart from the rest.

3D Commerce Services

3D Commerce is the new-age shopping experience that leverages the potential of Metaverse as a platform. It integrates augmented and virtual reality experiences to deliver an interactive and graphic experience to the end-user. Graphical representation is the blood and bone of digital commerce, and customers rely on visual representation by utilizing 3D Commerce services. You can showcase your products in a 3D representation where customers can view the product from different angles and zoom in and out to capture details. If the product is wearable, Metaverse allows them to try it on their virtual avatar. Industry leaders like Shopify claim in their survey report that 3D commerce services can benefit businesses in securing up to 250% more conversion rate on product pages.

Why is 3D commerce crucial for businesses?

Deloitte recently reported that the pandemic had brought a behavioral change in the marketplace, the customers are attracted to online channels, and offline stores have faced a reduced footfall even in the post-pandemic times. The crisis is there for all sectors regardless of their services and products. Some businesses might sustain this challenge in the short term; growing without smartly investing in your online presence is impossible.

Studies suggest that the rapidly increasing demand for 3D commerce will outshine traditional shopping by 2026.

Apart from the industries mentioned above, 3D services can help any business smoothly transition from physical to digital with assured results. Industry experts believe Metaverse-based 3D services will be the next big thing to revolutionize the industry globally.

Meet the pace with 3D space

MBS provide 3D space development based on Metaverse to help businesses grow exponentially. We are the leading metaverse development company that can help you establish your 3D marketplace to discover your business's potential efficiently. We offer end-to-end development, including designing, modeling, and developing your 3D commerce marketplace at reasonable and affordable prices.


Yes, 3D commerce is by far the most recent and updated technology that has the potential to transform any business into a digital 3D marketplace based on Metaverse.
Statistically reported in the United States, 3D commerce had sky-rocketed sales of e-commerce by 14.2% in 2021, and the growth is projected to reach 22% by the end of 2024.
One of the most critical challenges associated with 3D commerce is the exceptionally high equipment and development cost. Despite being an expensive service, MBS manage to offer 3D studio services for development at the best prices.
Transforming your business from physical to digital helps firms target the customers' visual senses. The 3D modeling of a product allows a better visual interpretation of the product with multiple angle viewership and customizable options.
MBS is the leading MBS that can help you establish your 3D marketplace to discover your business's potential efficiently. We offer end-to-end development, including designing, modeling, and developing your 3D commerce marketplace at reasonable and affordable prices.

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