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Metaverse is the crucial breakthrough for the online gaming industry to welcome a revolutionary change focused on seamlessly bringing together lives from two different worlds and dimensions. Online gaming is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. The online games marketplace is flooded with continuous innovation on cutting-edge technology. Traditional gaming with virtual characters has come to a halt. Metaverse offers a more seamless, real-time gaming experience where players are allowed to invest, reap profits and interact with real-life players. It aids the gaming industry with a better and more interactive gaming experience that greatly arrests gen-Z's attention.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is the modernized solution that is revolutionizing different industries significantly. There are wide applications of extended reality like hospitality, travel, training, etc., which harness the potential of extended reality to serve better. For instance, Extended reality can help you offer a seamless experience in travel businesses. It lets your potential customers get a 360-degree view of any destination. IKEA, a modern furniture manufacturer, utilizes extended reality to showcase their product in real-life virtual reality to ease their decision about the product. Simply put, the extended reality is capable of everything that involves the amalgamation of virtual and actual experience.

3D commerce

Metaverse has transformed everything from shopping to product marketing. Nowadays, brands are shifting to a virtual 3D marketplace where users can try different products or services in a 3D store metaverse. The recent technological evolution resulted in a behavioral change where consumers have tasted both physical and digital modes of shopping. A blend of the physical and digital marketplace has become necessary for businesses to sustain themselves and grow. Metaverse presents a 3D marketplace that facilitates businesses' innovative blend of physical and digital experiences. It allows your customers to try on different products virtually and seamlessly. 3D marketplace or 3D commerce is the need of the hour for new-age businesses backed up with technological evolution.

Virtual meeting

Do you think that a zoom call has become boring? You just have to sit there and listen to whoever is presenting. Or Do you also feel like running away from online meetings because they are boring? Well, Online meetings can be fun and more interactive with metaverse. Users can now interact better with their avatars in a metaverse that facilitates virtual real-time interaction. It differentiates from traditional meetings where users were just interacting without any zeal. Metaverse is a perfect solution to make team meetings better and more productive.


Gaming enthusiasts are overwhelmed with the introduction of Decentraland and Sandbox. Decentraland and Sandbox are both based on blockchain development platforms offering an interactive metaverse to users where they can create their virtual world. These virtual entities have everything from land to objects known as NFTs that can be traded among other users. Gamers can purchase land and build buildings using preloaded objects, whereas coders and programmers can generate new endless objects that can be further traded. In layman, Decentralised and Sandbox will take the charm of games like Clash of Clans to another level. Ready to play?

Virtual Tourism

  • Virtual travel experiences
  • VR tourism content for social media/websites
  • Virtual hotel tours
  • Marketing
  • 360 degree VR
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