Finance and Blockchain

We actively collaborate with our customers to create and implement proofs of concept & blockchain-powered technologies for the financial sector.

Driving the paradigm shift with blockchain in financial services

Blockchain technology has the enormous potential to move financial functions away from centralised authority and toward decentralised authority. Costs associated with administration, infrastructure, and transactions will be greatly reduced. Eliminating middlemen from the exchange of digital assets reduces the importance of central counterparties. Additionally, blockchain raises the bar for reliability, accuracy, and confidence in the financial and industrial sectors.

CFOs, corporate executives, & Chartered Accountants are all fascinated by what blockchain technology offers. Through payments towards post-trade procedures, many well-known brands have adopted blockchain technology to improve their financial services. MBS can assist you when using blockchain to rethink your financial services.

What Do We Have:

Providing Services with a Purpose of Integrating Blockchain Technology within the Finance

We at MBS combines subject matter experience, technical know-how, blockchain expertise, and deep domain understanding to offer solutions across a full wide range of financial services. We provide our customers with the tools they need to handle business transformation challenges, generate new income streams, reduce operating costs, comply with regulations, take advantage of fresh business opportunities, and operate efficiently and effectively.

Become a forerunner to reduce costs and generate new income.

Financial Services Blockchain Applications:

Blockchain has the potential to significantly alter the financial services sector and give businesses entirely new operational options.

The below application is among the many opportunities.

Financial Markets:

Utilise dispersed utilities to avoid a single source of failure & cut settlement time and expense. Reduce counterparty risk & digitise procedures to increase operating effectiveness.

Expenditures and Remittances:

Boost peer-to-peer trade, heavy security, disintermediation, and cheap transaction processing fees to speed up transactions, particularly overseas remittances.

Commerce Finance

To simplify the trade procedure, get rid of documentation & third-party duties. Preserve a single copy of each document that is constantly updated to enable future transactions online.

Finance and Banking

Preserve authenticated records & real-time KYC/AML verification. Guarantee automated syndicate creation and payment while cutting back on overhead.


Simplify and accelerate the identification procedure. To distribute identifying information, establish a centralised, reliable repository and limit access to the people you have selected.


Reduce processing time by automating and streamlining the confirmation of data, the processing of claims, and the distribution of payments. Simplify claims evaluation and lessen the likelihood of fraud.

Control Your Assets

Stakeholder management can be streamlined, and fund launches can be automated. With a digitised portfolio, you may expand your market access, increase your liquidity, and enable fractionalisation.

Risk management

Simplify, expedite, and optimise the processes involved in managing risks, such as counterparty, functional, systemic, cashflow, theft, capitalisation, and identity theft risks.

The Foundations of Blockchain

The three main important characteristics of blockchain are crucial in bringing advantages to companies implementing blockchain into FinTech.

Decentralised ledger technology

The distributed network provides visibility and traceability of transactions. Using smart contracts automates operational operations and improves monitoring system transparency. The systems are also resistant to the dangers of manipulation and downtime.
System of Network Consensus
The consensus method offers a single source of reality, allowing the issue of financial assets. Dual expenditure, theft, and the necessity for ongoing reconciliation amongst trading & finance entities involved in the exchange of digital assets are all eliminated.
Security through cryptography
Data immutability and believability are made possible by blockchain technology, fortified with cryptography. As a result, transaction records recorded on blockchain are trustworthy, unchangeable, and open to network-wide verification. The permissioned access privileges granted to trade users ensure information security and privacy.

Advantages that could come from using blockchain technology in finance:

To take advantage of such business advantages of blockchain adoption, embrace blockchain technology. The advantages of blockchain technology for enterprises are as follows.


The distributed consensus process reduces the requirement for data intermediaries & removes a point of failure.


For participants in the network, the mutualised rules & common processes function as a single, common truthful source.


Teamwork, information management, & decision-making in the company are made easier by the visible and irreversible distributed ledger.


To increase faith and transparency, contracts which automate business rules can be created and executed on the blockchain.


Businesses can exchange specific data throughout their network since the technology maintains data protection at every software stack level.


Blockchain technology is designed with private and mixed systems that handle thousands of transactions every second.

Blockchain's Effect on Financial Services

By paving the way for increased efficiency and decreased mistake rates, the digitisation of financial instruments expands on the advantages of blockchain technology. Utilise your fair part of the advantages of integrating blockchain technology within your finance.

Decrease in errors:
Because unsynchronised ledgers & reconciliations are no longer necessary
Use of capital is reduced:
Due to straight processing & speedy deal settlement
Enhanced effectiveness:
Due to straightforward processing and even a primary source of the truth
Enhanced customer engagement:
As a result of faster processing and the use of digital platforms
Improvement in customer experience
Due to accelerated processing and utilization of digital channels

Why choose us

By working with MBS you may benefit from a group of operational and economic specialists who have first-hand knowledge of incorporating blockchain into financial systems and programs.

Technical aptitude:

We only use blockchain technologies in our work. We specialise in doing one thing very well.

Expert Group:

With the support of over 500 professionals, you can improve your offering, get the finest IT solution, and even create communities and events.

Speedy Growth:

We provide products that are specifically tailored to your target market. A cohesive roadmap guarantees smooth and fast growth and deployment.

Complete Assistance:

The debut of the product is not the end of our work. We offer a wide range of post-delivery offerings so you may concentrate on your development.
Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform for developing De-Fi solutions in the finance industry.
Blockchain technology is equipped with distributed ledger technology which helps in recording every data transaction. It does not allow anyone to delete any data trail. However, changes can be made in the data trails.
The public ledger helps in recording data transactions, offering more security to traders’ information and other important data.

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